Each month your card will be charged $59.00 for services. There are no extra fees. Your card will be charged the first time when you sign up.  After that it will be charged on that same date every month. For example, if you join on 12/12/21, your next payment will be 1/12/21. Your card will be charged automatically until you cancel.

If your card is denied or has insufficient funds you will be contacted by phone and email.  When this happens there will be no change if payment is paid within 3 days. If payment isn’t made within 3 days your membership will be terminated. 

You can cancel at any time.  There are no cancellation fees or other penalties for canceling.  When you cancel you lose all access to the membership.  To cancel, email support@buildalifeafterloss.com.There is a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days of the membership.  After that there are no refunds. 

The materials provided are copyrighted and may only be used for personal use and must not be shared with anyone without written permission from Build a Life After Loss. 

Build a Life After Loss (the company) offer educational materials and coaching that in no way substitute for medical interventions, medication, or psychotherapy.  The company makes no promises nor treatment claims and does not diagnose, treat, prescribe, or cure health conditions.  

You understand and acknowledge that Build a Life After Loss does not make any claims, medical or otherwise, regarding the treatment of the above therapies or services and that you take full responsibility for your health and any decisions made.  This document shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns and personal representatives. 

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