Rebuild Your Life After Loss

Your healing journey is unique to you, but you don’t need to do it alone.

After Julie’s free guide & workshop, you’ll start to…

💜 Realize that healing and hope is possible for you.
💜 Start dreaming again — a future of meaning and purpose.
💜 Begin to rebuild your identity.
💜 Rengage with yourself, your family, and friends.
💜 Learn and map out concrete steps towards a peaceful
and meaningful life.

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Julie’s Understanding Grief Workbook Helps You:

Assess Your Symptoms & Coping

Understand where you’re at in your healing journey…so that you can start letting go of feelings of shame and guilt that are keeping you stuck. Instead learn self care and self compassion… so that you have the capacity to grow.

Relax into Your Grief

Learn how to relax your nervous system and settle into your new reality using a variety of techniques… so that you can experience a new sense of control and peace, even while you grieve.

Learn the HOPE
model for healing

The HOPE method of healing will empower you to experience a full range of emotions while you grieve… so that you can be present for ordinary and precious moments, laugh louder & longer, and connect more authentically with your loved ones.


Do you relate? 👇👇👇

✔️ Your mind is in a state of turmoil, stress, and confusion.
✔️ You feel fragile and ache everywhere.
✔️ You’re exhausted every day but unable to sleep at night.
✔️ Your grief and guilt feel like a huge, insurmountable weight you can’t comprehend or move.
✔️ You feel like you’re in a constant fog.
✔️ You feel unworthy of happiness, love, and life.
✔️ You feel hopeless, weak, and broken.
✔️ You can’t keep it together around others.
✔️ Living feels like a chore, and basic chores are impossible.

How do I know this? I’ve been there.

After my daughter, Carie (10) and my son, David (8) died, for years I struggled to make sense of my new reality. I was in so much pain it consumed my entire life. And yet, now as I write this, the pain no longer holds my heart hostage.

The overwhelming season of grief has passed. Through my own healing journey, I was able to let go of my pain.

It was not easy, or fast, but in the end, it has been my greatest blessing.

When your body and mind are wholly consumed by grief and pain, it’s hard to make sense of or create your own path towards healing. As a certified grief coach, I am now honored to help others heal through structured learning, coaching, emotional work, and community support.

In my FREE resources, I share more about my recovery and my philosophies surrounding grief. I do not believe (as most people believe) that you grieve forever after a loss. I also do not subscribe to the idea that time heals your pain. These explanations of grief leave no room for hope.

Instead, I believe that grief is a wound that can be healed.

I believe that every single person — even you — can heal from loss.

I believe that you can love your life again. Can find purpose and enthusiasm again.

My hope is that my experiences and knowledge will empower you to start thinking about your grief journey with hope.

I’m here for you.

xx, Julie

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