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Grief is a heavy burden to carry. Many people will tell you, you have to carry that burden forever, but it’s not necessary. Grief is part of the healing process. From the comfort of your own home, let us show you how to move through grief to hope to healing. 

In the True Hope Club you’ll find

  • Encouraging grief support 
  • Increased hope for the future
  • Greater calm and peace 
  • More self-compassion
  • A path to healing
  • Tools and steps to apply immediately
Join The True Hope Club
Join The True Hope Club

Who is the True Hope Club for?

Anyone who has been affected by grief from death, divorce, financial loss, pet loss, health loss, abuse, or any loss.  The True Hope Club is for you if you feel held back by grief and you’re ready to learn the tools of fully healing.

Who is the True Hope Club not for? It’s not for you if you feel like you have all the support and understanding you need already to move through grief with grace to healing.

My name is Julie Cluff and I’m the host of the True Hope Club. I’m an international life and grief coach, a podcaster, author, and founder of Build a Life After Loss. 

More importantly, I've lived through multiple devastating losses: a divorce, the suicide of my brother and the death of my two youngest children in a car accident. 

After going down my own healing path, I developed the Hope Model of Healing and the 5 Foundations of Growth to assist others through grief to hope to healing.

About Your Coach

When my first marriage ended in divorce, I felt sad, defeated and I grieved what could have been and what I thought should be. 

When my brother died by suicide I was devastated, confused, and filled with guilt and shame that I didn’t stop it from happening. 

When my two youngest children died in a rollover car accident on Mother’s Day, I thought my life had ended. I feared that there was no way after years of grief and devastating losses that I could come back. 

But deep in my soul a flicker of light still lived.  I nurtured that tiny flame of hope as best I could over many months and years. 

Sometimes I thought things and did things that helped the flame to stay alive, and other times I nearly extinguished it. 

Finding Hope

Through lots of ups and downs and confusion and tears and sorrow and hope and prayer, I found my way out of the dark tunnel of grief and despair. 

On the other side, I could see more clearly, I could love more intentionally, I could feel joy and purpose. I could feel it all with a clear mind and heart. 

It felt fantastic to be in a place where my memories didn’t always sink into dark places, where I could trust myself and my emotions. It felt right and good, uplifting and encouraging. I never wanted to go back to those dark, desperate days.

Over time I felt compelled to share my journey, to study my journey and the journey of others and discover the path through the dark tunnel of grief. A path that could make the journey more beneficial and healing. 

Your Path Forward

People will tell you there is no path because healing isn’t possible. If you lose someone (parent, friend, child, etc.) or something (marriage, career, health, etc.), they insist you will be in pain forever because the thing is still lost.  

Yes, the loss still exists but it is absolutely possible to heal the pain. Healing frees you to live your life fully and with brilliant memories and an exciting future. I’ve done it and so can you.

 I created a path, and a map to lead you through a healing journey. That’s what the True Hope Club is all about, giving you the map to healing.

Your healing benefits not only you, but everyone around you. Your kids, spouse, parents, friends, all benefit when you do the work of healing. 

It’s ok if it feels impossible right now. It’s ok if you feel scared. It’s ok if you’re experiencing painful grief and you don’t know what to do next. 

Join The True Hope Club

Bring it all and we’ll do the work of healing. Together. 

This is what’s included in the online True Hope Club.

  • New monthly topics
  • Monthly workshops 
  • Online live coaching, Q&A’s and classes
  • Replays of all videos 
  • Personalized group coaching
  • A Library of resources at your fingertips
  • 24-hour access to hope-filled grief support
Join The True Hope Club

The True Hope Club

Inside the True Hope Club you’ll learn and apply the principles of the Hope Model of Healing and the 5 Foundations of Growth.  This work is life changing. 

Imagine the life you can create through your healing journey.

Post-traumatic growth is described as “a positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity and other challenges in order to rise to a higher level of functioning. Post-traumatic growth involves “life-changing” psychological shifts in thinking and relating to the world, that contribute to a personal process of change, that is deeply meaningful.”

Don’t leave post-traumatic growth to chance.  You can claim this significant growth through choosing into a healing path.

By choosing to learn and grow in meaningful ways you will claim this advantage in your life, benefitting not only yourself but those you care about. 

When you work towards healing you influence your life and the life of others in substantial ways.

Today is your day to get on the path of healing your heartache. 

You can do it. I believe in you! 

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