The True Hope Club is a place where we practice true hope and the certainty of renewal.  

  • Learn from a gentle mentor & certified grief coach
  • Gather resources and tools that encourage your growth, healing and joy
  • From the comfort of your own home let us show you how to move through grief to hope to healing

Join the True Hope Club to heal, rediscover your identity, and begin rebuilding your life after loss!

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How the True Hope Club Provides Support

The webinar-style training support your healing while the supplemental materials are designed to guide you through your grief.

We cover topics like:

  • how to relax into your grief
  • coming out of a period of isolation
  • strengthening relationships
  • navigating social situations
  • self-care for increased resilience
  • creating joy
  • overcoming that “stuck” feeling
  • healthy coping for a happier, more peaceful you
  • and so much more



Julie Cluff is one of the leading advocates for rebuilding your life after loss, trauma, or tragedy.

After the deaths of her two youngest children and a painful divorce, Julie found herself stumbling through a season of grief.

Her recovery had many ups and downs, but eventually led to a profound experience in 2012 that directed her towards helping others who, like her, had experienced loss.

In 2012, Julie became a Certified CTA Life Coach and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and has been a practicing coach ever since.

As an expert on grief, she is a speaker and podcaster. With more than 50 episodes, the Build a Life After Loss podcast touches on many aspects of grief and healing journey, pulling from Julie’s experiences and insights. Julie continues to coach and has recently opened an exclusive and highly sought after membership program, the True Hope Club.

Julie is here to walk alongside you and provide you with the support you need, no matter where you’re at in your healing journey. With her soothing spirit and compassionate community, you don’t need to weather your season of grief alone.

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Monthly webinar-style group coaching zoom calls that include supplemental material, Q&A sessions, and live support.

Connect with group members between calls, ask questions, respond to prompts, and get support when you need it.​

Library of Coaching Calls

Rewatch previous training and group coaching calls on your own time. ​


When you’re grieving from loss, it’s not always possible to experience a full range of emotions. It may be hard to even imagine re-awakening your interests and pleasures. 

In a fog of grief, reimagining your purpose and nurturing relationships with friends and family may feel exhausting and too heavy to hold. Even finding the energy to fall back into your daily routines may seem next to impossible right now. 

I get it, I’ve been there. But here’s the truth – and one that I believe with all my heart: Your healing is possible. I’ve experienced it myself.

  • Even if you don’t feel ready to share 

  • Even if you don’t want to connect with other human beings

  • Even if you don’t believe in your healing or want to heal 

The True Hope Club is for you.

Your pain will tell you that you do not want or need support, to avoid connection and vulnerability, and hide the guilt you’re feeling.

If this is true, why does group coaching help? 

Pain points us towards the places in our heart that need healing the most. But our pain doesn’t always know the best ways to heal from it. When you meet your pain with compassion and gentle curiosity, you create space for:

  • the validation, understanding, and support your heart truly needs.

  • building meaningful and deeply healing relationships. 

  • peaceful moments that you can share with others who understand what you’re going through. 

  • hope and healing after loss.

I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve seen it happen again and again in the lives of my friends and clients.

Healing is possible. Not just for me, not just for my friends and family, not just for my clients. Healing is possible for you, too.

The hardest part is getting started… So don’t give yourself time to second guess it! Sign-up for a True Hope Club membership now to ensure you don’t miss our next group call. I can’t wait to meet you and give you a big,*virtual* bear hug. 

Talk soon? Love, Julie

Is the True Hope Club a good fit for you?
It's A Good Fit If...
  • You’ve experienced a loss that has deeply impacted your life
  • Your loss includes any of the following
  • Loss of a loved one(s) through death 
  • Loss of relationship through divorce or estrangement
  • Loss of a beloved pet
  • Loss of baby through miscarriage or infertility
  • Loss of health
  • OR have watched a loved one suffer from one of these
  • You experience any of the following symptoms of grief from loss:
  • Isolation from friends and family
  • Feelings of worry, anxiety, frustration, guilt, or anger
  • Questioning purpose of life or spiritual beliefs
  • Body aches, crying, headaches, interruption of sleep patterns, fatigue, aches and pains, or changes in appetite
  • Feelings of detachment, trouble concentrating, brain fog, or stress
  • You feel stuck in your grief and unsure how to move forward

Happy Members Say...

From Julie’s coaching, I learned to separate my grief from other pain — like guilt, regret, etc. I learned that grieving is a process and healing is possible and to give myself grace and patience during this time because grieving takes up capacity in my brain. Julie taught me that grieving takes capacity in my brain and I need to be patient with myself if I’m not functioning at my usual capacity. I learned to give myself grace. Julie’s coaching helped me work through some real hard feelings and let go. I feel like she helped me find myself again. I feel hope and happiness again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in group discussions? 

Participation in this group is completely up to you. Feel free to sit back and watch our group calls on your own time or join us live and participate in discussion. We are here for YOU and YOUR healing, so go at your own pace. 

As members begin to feel more open about their experience, they will often begin to share, ask more questions, and participate more fully in group discussions. This is not required, but can be helpful for healing. 

You can also submit questions anonymously for Julie to answer in the group discussion.

What happens if I miss a call? Do I have to watch it live? 

While we offer support, guidance, and work that will help you grow through your pain, we recognize that sometimes space and solitude is required. We record every call so you are always able to go back and watch video calls at your leisure and on your own timeline.

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