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Is grief holding you back from living the life you want to live?

Whether you lost a loved one, a marriage, a relationship, health, security or trust, I can help.

I will provide you with the structure and support to move through grief so you can be who you were always meant to be – love, light and abundant.

Do you feel confused and lost? Have you experienced a devastating loss and you’re not sure how you can move forward in your life?

In those early weeks and months after a devastating loss, you can’t even imagine functioning again much less thriving. As time rolls on, you may be looking for some relief from your overwhelming grief. You may also realize that you want to be better … for yourself and for those close to you. Or you may even find that you are ready to start looking forward with hope and a desire to set and achieve goals again personally or professionally. Whatever your specific desires, I’ll meet you right where you are.

I developed my Build a Life After Loss program out of my own experience and my deep study of grief and growth. It’s based on my unique and life-changing framework of the Model of Healing. I offer it to you through specialized personal 1-on-1 coaching to support you in processing your grief, reclaiming your power, and building a life of purpose and joy.

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Single Session Coaching Apointment

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Transform Your Life After Loss

Sometimes you need some structure to help get back on your feet.
My 4-part program will help you to move forward with your life with confidence and strength.

Understand your grief

Together we’ll sort out the pain of loss. I’ll help you to apply specific tools that will encourage you to understand and work through your grief. You will feel more self-compassion and awareness to move forward with live.

Fortify Your Self Confidence

Together we’ll encourage your happiness. I will assist you in finding your power and your faith in yourself again. You will feel increased joy, confidence and self-love as you learn new skills.

Develop a Healthful Spark

Together we’ll determine where you can increase your vitality through healthful practices. We’ll co-create simple routines that will help you to feel alive again. You’ll enjoy increased energy and self-assurance.

Strengthen Relationships

Together we’ll examine your vision for your current relationships. I will aid you in sorting through your thoughts as you work toward that vision. You will feel more confident as you navigate interpersonal relationships.

Define Your Life's Purpose

Together we’ll explore your dreams and goals for your life. I will help you put color in your dreams and clarify your vision.You’ll experience support as you take steps toward achieving your clear vision.

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