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Build a Life After Loss Podcast

At Build a Life After Loss we encourage you to build a life of purpose and joy after loss. Our aim is to help you navigate your grief, rebuild your self confidence, encourage your mental and physical health, and support your personal accomplishments. I’m your host, Julie Cluff, Certified Life Coach and Trainer, founder of Build a Life After Loss, developer of the Hope Model of Healing and author of Miracles in the Darkness. I believe in you and I know there’s a great life still to live! 

You can listen to the podcast on your favorite podcast streaming platforms or on our website linked below. 

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Free course: The Problem with Grief and What to Do About It

Loss is hard. It’s weighty, It changes your life. And even though grief is a natural response to loss of all kinds — death, divorce, abuse, estrangement, illness, etc.— it feels terrible and it’s feels impossible to live with.

Grief weighs your heart down. It confuses your mind and it slows your step. It feels so terrible that you want to ignore it. You want to be able to stay so busy that you don’t have to deal with it. You reject all the tears and the sadness, because you worry that if you let the tears come they will never stop. You worry that if you face your grief you won’t be able to handle it. You worry that you will have opened a flood gate that can’t be closed and you will never be ok.

I felt all that too and I watch people everyday struggle with these worries. You know the problems with grief, but now what do you do about it? Click below to get access to a webinar on The Problem with Grief and What to Do About It. In this webinar I talk about, what do you do with the heavy sadness when it hits, how to grieve with less fear, what are the dangers of grief and how to avoid them, how grieving can be a more gentle process, how to look forward with hope and possibility. This webinar is my gift to you. Just fill out the information below and I’ll send the replay straight to your inbox. 


Mini Course: Grief Healing Challenge

This 4 week self-paced Grief Healing Challenge is designed to break the healing process down into small micro-steps, and to guide you through the large and painful parts of grief. Click the button to learn more.

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