Rebuilding Your Self Confidence After Loss

0:00 Welcome 2:15 Introduction of Julie, her training and what she offers 4:00 What this webinar will teach 4:29 Loss is Painful- Julie’s personal story of loss 8:30 Grief/Loss leaves you feeling shattered 12:04 Boulder of Grief 15:53 Model of … Read More

Grief to Hope to Healing

0:00 Welcome 2:00 Definition of Hope 3:02 Introduction to Julie, her training and what she offers 7:23 Julie’s first realization of grief 8:00 Introduction of Julie’s brother John who she lost to suicide 11:00 Boulder of Grief 12:00 Sudden vs … Read More

Loss. Trauma and Personal Power

0:00 Welcome 0:15 Julie’s personal family trauma 7:25 About Julie and what she offers 9:10 What is Trauma? 14:40 How the Grief Recovery Handbook defines trauma and PTSD 15:44 Identifying your losses and secondary losses 18:20 Challenges of Loss & … Read More