Ep #110 When Life Doesn’t Let You Breathe with Rosalie Mastaler

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 110 when life doesn't let you breathe with rosalie mastaler

In three short years, Rosalie’s young family suffered three devastating losses which started with the still birth of her baby daughter. Through it all, Rosalie learned hard-won, valuable life lessons. Listen in as she shares her story with love, grace, and hope.

In this episode you’ll hear

  • How unique each person’s experiences are and the importance of owning your story
  • What to do when the miracle that you pray for doesn’t happen
  • How to help a child through loss and acceptance
  • How to get and accept the support you need along the way
  • How to deal with the what ifs that are present in every loss
  • How to use the power of prayer to when life gets hard

You can find Rosalie on Instagram @mastalerpartyof5. And be sure to visit Build a Life After Loss on Instagram as well to share your aha’s and your appreciation to Rosalie for sharing her experiences.

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