Ep #115 Connection for Real Results

julie cluff build a life after loss podcast ep 115 connection for real results

You are not your mind or your body. You are a combination of Body, Mind and Spirit. Your spirit is your higher self that holds wisdom. Your higher self wants to communicate with you. The more you can connect to your higher self the more you will be living in truth and love and joy.
Grief can disconnect you from who you really are. Healing is the process of slowly releasing grief and becoming more connected to your inner wisdom.
In this episode, we’ll
• explore the spirit, mind and body connection
• look at ways to strengthen the connection to your higher wisdom
• and discover the one thing that you want to avoid that will disconnect you from your higher self and what to do instead
Join us in this episode to learn more about intuition, inner wisdom and the importance of awareness.

Love, Julie

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