Ep #116 Facing the Grief with Nikky Oswald

julie cluff build a life after loss podcast ep 116 Facing the grief with nikky oswald

In November 2019, Nikky Oswald was a mom of two boys due with her third son when the unthinkable happened. At 40 weeks pregnant, she went into the hospital to be induced and there was no heartbeat. Devastated, she made the difficult decision to be induced and she delivered her stillborn son after 17 hours of labor.

Then she had to go home and figure out how to live her life with the pain of her loss and help her family through the sadness. You will love listening to Nikky’s courage as she decided to go all in on grief coaching. She shares many of the gems she learned in the process and what her life looks like now only months after her son’s stillbirth.

Join us in this episode to hear Nikky’s inspiring story about facing the grief of stillbirth and rebuilding her strength to face life’s challenges. I loved this interview with my former client and I know you will too.

xoxo Julie


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