Ep #124 Reframing Your Experiences

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 124 reframing your expieriences

Grief is hard. Really, really hard! It’s unknown, uncharted territory. Your grief territory is unique to you.

Some losses bring a little grief, but some bring big grief. But every grief experience demands attention. When you don’t give it attention, when the next thing happens the grief compounds with the previous grief.

When you learn to reframe your experience, you can gain new perspectives that can help you work through your pain to true healing. True healing does not happen without new perspective. It can’t. It’s the reason post traumatic growth exists. Post traumatic growth is the result of reframing, new learning and new perspective.

Healing requires growth. Just like a plant, growth requires attention and correct nutrients. With attention and good information, you can reframe your experience and work towards the growth of healing.

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