Ep# 137 When You Believe with Cytel Schults

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 137 when you believe with cytel schults

Meet Cytel Schults. She’s a musical intuitive and on this episode of the podcast she’s sharing her song translation of When You Believe from the Prince of Egypt animated musical.  You will love this message of hope and miracles. Hope is so huge in your journey through grief to healing. Healing may feel like a future miracle, but miracles happen all the time and all around us. If you’re not sure, tune into this episode. Listen as Cytel shares three things that I LOVE: music, hope and miracles.

Cytel Schults is a musical intuitive!  She uses music to help women hear and express their hearts so that they can express what they are REALLY wanting to say, sing, and experience in their lives.  She has a big heart and loves holding space for women as they express where they are then connects them to the literal and figurative music inside them so that they can go where they want to go.

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