Ep # 166 Emotional Honesty

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 166 emotional honesty

What is emotional honesty? I’ve asked myself that many times. I wondered if it’s spilling our guts all over everyone but that didn’t feel right. I’ve wondered if emotional honesty is even a thing or if it’s just an excuse to dump on people. That doesn’t feel right either.

My current understanding is that emotional honesty is about paying attention to our feelings, not ignoring them. Doing the work of emotions and not pretending to ourselves that we’re ok when we’re not.  Owning our emotions and knowing that there is nothing wrong with having emotions so we can share with others where we’re at in a way that feels safe.

Sometimes I do it ’wrong’ and I’m learning. Yet despite not always paying attention to my feelings or not sharing in a way that’s safe for everyone, I continue to try. What I know for sure is hiding our emotions from ourselves doesn’t work. In fact, it keeps us where we are and even makes it worse.  I hope you’ll come along on the journey with me of finding, allowing and healing from the hard stuff.

Since I launched this podcast over 3 years ago, we have had thousands of downloads. I am so humbled by your response and I’m grateful for your support of my efforts to bring hope to the world of grief. If you listen on an app that allows you to leave a review will you be so kind to leave one?

Thank you again for listening. You are why I’m here. Remember I believe in you!

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  1. Julie, this is a great podcast and thank you so much for sharing it with me. 🙂
    The people that sent you those emails…I don’t know what to think, that was truly ugly of them. It’s very upsetting to hear that, very mean.  …it’s terrible and I am so sorry for what they said but don’t be discouraged because you are so sweet and you are offering a service that is badly needed, and I am so grateful to have found you! I am happy beyond words, thank you very much.  It’s already 3:30 pm CST and I just finished up the LOSS, TRAUMA AND PERSONAL POWER video, I took lots of notes that is why I’m just now finishing up. I was so inspired by your story and am anxious to read your book which I received just yesterday.  The following is information on a lady that I like a lot…just thought I’d share since you stated in the podcast that you like to read uplifting things,  I’m not a place (because of the longstanding grief) where I can fully appreciate her books but I so enjoy her art and sharing her faith. Take care and I’ll be working on taking in all this new, exciting and rewarding information. Thank you again for what you’ve created here, I so appreciate it and am sure a lot of others feel the same. Take care. 

    When Strivings Cease: Replacing the Gospel of Self-Improvement with the Gospel of Life-Transforming Grace Hardcover – October 12, 2021
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