Ep #168 Intentional Happiness

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 168 intentional happiness

In my book Miracles in the Darkness I said, “Happiness is as present and elusive as air. It’s in the process of becoming who we were always meant to be that we discover it, but only if we are paying attention and we know what to look for.”

After loss, happiness, which always seems to be right around the corner but we can’t seem to catch up with it, appears to leave all together and hide far away from our view and our access. Why is that? And is there something that can be done about it?

In this episode, I’ll explore steps in the pathway to happiness even after loss. Because even though loss is painful and devastating, happiness is still our birthright and there’s always a path back to it.

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(Music: Cozy Place by Keys of Moon | https://soundcloud.com/keysofmoon)

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