Ep #169 Love and Light with Vincent Todd Tolman

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On January 18, 2003 at age 25, Vinney Tolman died in a public restroom. By the time his body was discovered, he was cold and stiff. Paramedics arrived on the scene and confirmed him dead. As they transported him by ambulance in a body bag to the mortuary, a rookie paramedic followed a prompting to open the bag and start measures to revive him at the astonishment and warnings of his co-workers.  Just before they arrived at the hospital, they shockingly had a faint heartbeat.

Vinney laid in the hospital braindead and in a coma for three days. What happened during those three days changed his life and changes the life of those who hear and read his story. Best-selling author Richard Paul Evans wrote about Vinney’s new book, The Light After Death, “this book was literally life-changing for me. It not only explained why the world is the way it is right now; it gave me hope in what’s to come.”

Listen in to this important episode as Vinney shares his experience of dying and coming back.  He learned life-altering and fascinating principles while he was on the other side that bring comfort and healing to our souls.  I hope you will feel renewed peace and hope as I have from this remarkable story.

After you listen, be sure to click here and order his new book, The Light After Death: My Journey to Heaven and Back

Vincent Todd Tolman was born in Arlington, Texas, and has since traveled around the world, living in both Cambodia and Thailand. He loves animals, meditating and spending time in nature. His greatest priorities are his relationship with his Creator, his family, and the people he meets. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife, Andrea, and their two children.

You can connect with Vinney at Www.LivingGodsLight.com.

For more help for grief, hope and healing, visit buildalifeafterloss.com.

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