Ep #172 Rebirth and Transformation

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast wp 172 rebirth and transformation

Loss and grief shoots you headlong into disruption. Your life feels shattered in pieces and unrecognizable. But it’s not just your life that feels unrecognizable, it’s you. You feel different. You feel unrecognizable.

Loss by death, divorce, or a host of other causes, forces you to interact with life differently. It causes you to question what you believe, how you previously saw things and even who you are.  It sets into motion a period of rebirth because it’s not possible – as much as you wish it was – to go back to the way things were and by extension the way you were.

As you move through the grief of loss, you move into a void, a questioning of yourself and an opportunity to view the world differently. Without conscience intention, you may begin to view the world from the lens of pain and darkness. And that’s understandable and yet not a place you want to stay. In this episode we’ll explore the hopeful patterns and principles of rebirth and transformation following loss and the void.

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(Music: Cozy Place by Keys of Moon | https://soundcloud.com/keysofmoon)

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