Ep #174 Riding the Waves of Grief

julie cluff build a life after loss podcast ep 174 riding the waves of grief

One of the most challenging aspects of grief is its unpredictability. One day you may be feeling like things are improving and the next day you wonder if you’ve made any progress at all.  One week you begin to start feeling a little optimism for the future and the next week you’re sure you will feel terrible and depressed forever.

How you think about these ups and downs makes a huge difference in their impact on you.  When you experience the unpredictable, and yet very predictable downs of grief, it is easy to feel extra discouraged and even despair. Your hopes of healing feel dashed in a moment when new memories appear and cause you to spin in the sadness of grief.

Take courage in that it is all part of the process, which we’ll be talking about today on this episode of the podcast.

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