Ep #175 Facing Life with Hope and Courage with Cindy Benezra

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 175 Facing life with hope and courage with cindy benezra

Cindy’s life was not what she planned for even from the young age of 5 living with abuse. Facing multiple losses throughout her life, including losing her home after a divorce and financially devastating medical bills following her son’s brain tumor diagnosis, Cindy discovered ways to continue to champion herself through the difficult hardships of life.  Despite these traumas, she continued to look for ways to survive. She approached life with a determination to live from a place of knowing that she is worth taking care of and the people she loves are worth fighting for.

Cindy Benezra is an author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, and sexual abuse advocate. She is the author of the newly released memoir, Under The Orange Blossoms.

Cindy is the founder of CindyTalks™, a platform where she discusses healing tools and stories of hope for other trauma survivors. She engages with her readers through honesty, humility, and genuine care for those who have walked a similar path.

Cindy is also the co-founder of a luxury event company, where she spends much of her time creating beautiful spaces for some of the most important events in people’s lives. Her eye for style and design has won Elite Events numerous awards and spotlight features. Currently, Cindy and her husband reside in Seattle, Washington, and are parents of four adult children.

For more on grief, hope and healing, visit buildalifeafterloss.com.

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