Ep #176 Wishes, Expectations and Hope

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 176 wishes, expectations and hope

Hope is crucial in your healing process. Without hope it’s hard to have a direction and it’s difficult to move forward in any meaningful way. Hope is everything.

But you may be confusing expectations with hope. Or you may lose hope because your expectations were dashed. Plus, hope is way more powerful and profound than merely wishing.

Hope is pure. It’s looking toward the future with expectancy of good things happening. It’s bright, encouraging and invigorating.

True hope does not force things or have a measurement on exactly how and when it shows up. True hope knows that good things can happen in the future and could actually be even better than we can imagine.

In this episode we explore the relationship of wishes, expectations, and hope. We look at the dangers of entangling expectation, wishing and hope and how to untangle them for the best outcomes.

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(Music: Cozy Place by Keys of Moon | https://soundcloud.com/keysofmoon)

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