Ep #32 Dealing With Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment Julie Cluff build a life after loss podcast

Beyond the really, really tough stuff, like devastating losses and grief, we need to be prepared to deal with the day to day, week to week disappointments.

Disappointment is part of our human experience.

It’s to be expected, so let’s expect it and prepare for it because we know it’s coming.

Let’s not just automatically think something has gone wrong.

What if nothing has gone wrong? What if it’s just part of life?

I believe it is part of life, so let’s be ready!

Also, want to talk to me about your experiences? Where you are and where you want to be? It will be a great conversation. Send me a message at Julie at buildalifeafterloss.com and we’ll find a time to talk.

Have a wonderful week!

I believe in you.

Love, Julie

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