Ep #46 Finding Answers with Heidi Swapp

build a life after loss podcast julie cluff episode 46 finding answers with Heidi Swapp

Heidi Swapp and her family were devastated by the death of her son Cory by suicide in 2015. Because of Heidi’s business she found herself facing heartbreaking grief in the public eye. She has handled this unexpected tragedy with unimaginable grace.

Heidi and her husband made the brave decision to be totally honest about what happened and how it affected their life. As a result, she’s been an example of resilience in challenging circumstances.

In March 2018, Heidi and licensed therapist David Kozlowski launched a podcast for parents. The Light the Fight podcast helps parents “learn how to build, maintain and improve their family relationships with actionable tools to help navigate difficult situations.”

I admire Heidi’s genuine heart and her ability to touch the masses with her honest reflection and her unwavering commitment to bring light to the world.

You can find Heidi at heidiswapp.com, lightthefight.com and on Instagram and facebook by the same names.

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