Ep #74 When It’s Your Fault with Melissa Snow

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You don’t want to miss Melissa’s story. Melissa has built a life that she loves with courage and compassion. She is an example of what’s possible.

After her own bad boundaries and lack of self-worth nearly cost her everything, Melissa Snow had to rebuild her life from the ground up.  Like you, she had to learn how to find joy after sadness, gratitude after despair and life after loss.  In 2016, Melissa Snow became a Certified Life Coach so she could help other women who were just like she used to be.  Since then, she has written a book called “Ten Secrets to Having the Love You Want,” has spoken on international stages and is a frequent contributor on Bustle, MindBodyGreen and SimpleMost.  She has also been featured on multiple podcasts, including Embracing Intensity, The Inspired Women Podcast, Live Fearlessly, and Journey of Hope.

Melissa loves her nieces and nephews, Mexican food, hot yoga, dad jokes, reading and anything pink or glittery.  She does not love seafood, Daylight Savings or snow.  Melissa’s long-term goals include opening a “Cat Cafe” and petting ALL the dogs. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview as much as I did.

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