Ep #97 Words Matter with Becky Kemp

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Today we talk with Becky Kemp who has learned the incredible power of words to assist us with overcoming depression and anxiety. Driven by the desire to spread and inspire goodness, Becky Kemp is dedicated to sharing the power found in positive words. From the onset of her clothing brand, Becoming Threads, to speaking and coaching others about the how Words Matter, Becky’s message of empowerment and finding joy and purpose in the journey resonates with individuals across all ages and walks of life.

She is married to her high school sweetheart, mother of 5 incredible boys and an active volunteer in her church and community, Becky is no stranger to hard work. Over the past several years she has extended that dedication into the professional realm, helping others recognize that change is possible and each of us is capable of creating it in our own lives.

Recently, I got this note from someone who just finished reading my book Miracles in the Darkness. “Wow! I love it! You did a wonderful job putting all that emotion and information into words. What a great resource for anyone dealing with any kind of loss.” I’m grateful to share this book with you and hope that it will be a resource of hope for you, your family, and your friends.

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