Loss. Trauma and Personal Power

0:00 Welcome
0:15 Julie’s personal family trauma
7:25 About Julie and what she offers
9:10 What is Trauma?
14:40 How the Grief Recovery Handbook defines trauma and PTSD
15:44 Identifying your losses and secondary losses
18:20 Challenges of Loss & Trauma- trauma is a shattering effect
21:08 PTSD body is still living in the trauma even though it was behind you
23:50 Dr Joe Dispensa Fight or Flight
30:00 Output-how to Remove the supercharged emotions from your trauma
32:40 Input- replace what you’ve removed with things that bring you joy
35:22 Personal power begins with empowering Identity
39:06 Levels of Consciousness
42:27 Truths about empowering your Identity
44:00 Progress adds up- it’s part of the healing process
45:35 Your Choices Matter
47:57 Model of Grief
48:45 Personal Power
51:22 Overview of HOPE Model of Healing- Practice empowering thoughts
53:55 Start here and practice daily- the power is in the ability to take action
57:39 Introduction of the True Hope Club
1:00:30 Q&A
1:05:20 THC Monthly Workshop Topics

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