Rebuilding Your Self Confidence After Loss

0:00 Welcome
2:15 Introduction of Julie, her training and what she offers
4:00 What this webinar will teach
4:29 Loss is Painful- Julie’s personal story of loss
8:30 Grief/Loss leaves you feeling shattered
12:04 Boulder of Grief
15:53 Model of Grief
19:00 Levels of Consciousness
21:18 Definition of Self Confidence
22:00 Grief vs.Self Confidence
25:40 The Grief-Healing Continuum
28:04 Building Self Confidence- CALM
29:00 CALM explanation
29:05 Commitment to new thoughts
29:30 Acknowledging and Accepting the pain of grief
32:35 Love & Self Compassion
34:08 Measuring your Wins
40:22 Diving deeper into Commitment to new thoughts
41:55 Limiting Belief
43:17 Deconstructing a Limiting Belief
44:52 Reinforcing a New Belief
45:37 Example
47:13 Limiting Belief to Empowerment
47:52 Building Self Confidence begins with a commitment to new thoughts
49:23 HOPE model of Healing- 5 Foundations of Growth
52:30 Where to start?
56:00 Introducing The True HOPE Club

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