Surviving After Child Loss

0:00 Welcome
0:25 Sensitive Topic/Can be triggering
3:20 Julie’s story about the loss of her two children
9:15 About Julie and what she offers
11:18 Why I’m here
14:08 Boulder of Grief
18:40 Results of living mentally and emotionally in the past
22:45 The Grief Bridge
25:07 Coping Mode
28:34 Beliefs you hear or tell yourself
29:30 The challenge of grief- grief lives in the space between or despair and Transformation
31:08 Despair and Hope
32:30 What are your Choices
36:14 Post-traumatic Growth and the 5 stages of Grief
39:55 Model of Grief- growing around grief
41:40 HOPE Model of Healing 5 foundations of Growth
44:53 Phase 1: Coping-numbing vs awareness
50:19 Phase 2: Understanding from grief to growth
51:29 Phase 3: Discovering
52:00 Phase 4: Resolving
52:30 Phase 5: Rebuilding
54:12 Bridge of Love and gratitude to replace the grief bridge
56:45 How to begin letting go of the pain of grief start here
1:01:58 True Hope Club

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