Special Episode The Holidays and Grief Survival Guide

julie cluff, special episode the holidays and the grief survival guide

With Christmas, Hanakkuh, New Years Eve and all the winter celebrations upon us, you have a lot of questions about how to survive during this time of intense emotion. You are already dealing with a LOT! and then you’re facing the demands of family and friends and festivities that you don’t feel up to. What do you do? How do you handle it all? It’s certainly not easy!

I have felt the deep darkness of grief when the world is celebrating. I have felt the discouraging disconnect when I was incapable of joining the party. I have felt the loneliness of being forgotten. I have felt the dark despair of being left behind as everyone else enjoys life.

I promise there are things you can do even in those moments that will help. I’m not talking about fixing everything. I’m talking about getting through in a way that feels supportive to you and where you are right now.

This special episode of the podcast is the audio recording of the recent Grief and the Holidays Webinar.

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