Ep #144 Coping That’s Healing

julie cluff build a life after loss podcast ep 144 coping that's healing

If you’re like me and most people, there comes a time in your grief and healing that you start to recognize patterns that haven’t been healthy. It’s so normal to depend on unhealthy patterns to take the edge off of such heavy, hard emotions.

But what do you do when you feel those nudges to make a shift? It’s easy to drop into some serious self-judgment. Thoughts like ‘I shouldn’t be doing this.’ ‘This isn’t good.’ ‘I’m doing it all wrong.’ Even ‘I can’t get anything right.’ And you think this is going to be helpful. Because you reason if you beat yourself up enough about it you can make the change you want to make.

Unfortunately, this approach never works.  I know because I’ve tried it too. So, what can you do? We talk about how to make gentle changes that promote healing in this episode of the podcast.

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