Ep #146 Relaxing into Emotion

julie cluff build a life after loss podcast ep 146 relaxing into emotions

Grief is messy!!! Wow! So messy and confusing, lonely and exhausting and all the things. In this episode, we talk about relaxing into all of it to work with our emotion instead of against it. Because it’s crucial that we allow the emotions of grief. Allowing is part of the healing process but it certainly isn’t easy! And that’s why you need tools, skills and understanding to help you with the process. I didn’t know or learn these naturally and I bet you haven’t either. This understanding about emotions and these skills to deal with emotions were life changing for me and will be life changing for you.

And if you want to learn and apply at a whole new level, if you are ready to feel better, if you know that you need additional support and love and understanding through the messiness of grief, I invite you to start your two-week free trial of the True Hope Club today.

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