Ep #150 Top 3 Problems in Grief

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 150 Top 3 Problems in Grief

As I coach people through grief there are 3 problems that show up over and over again. My coaching is here to help with grief and the problems of grief – the things that take a hit during grief – which include confidence, health, purpose and relationships.

In this episode I share the top 3 issues that people deal with in their grief. Even though they may show up for people differently I notice that almost everyone deals with these things in some way.

I remember how hard and lonely my journey was through grief after a divorce, after my brother died and then after my kids died. I had to scratch and claw my way through, not understanding what I was doing or if I would ever make it out of the excruciating pain of grief.

Because I felt so alone and without a guide, I wanted to give up over and over and over again. It’s why I show up here because I want to share what I learned in the process of clawing my way through and save you the added burden of having to figure it out all by yourself.

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