Ep #157 Joy is in the Process

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast #157 joy is in the process

Joy is not found at a destination. Joy is in the process of living. It’s found in the day-to-day experiences – in the moments of life.  On this episode I share 3 fundamental principles that will help you to see, experience and expand the moments of joy in your life.

Grief sucks the happiness out of life. As you’re rebuilding and moving through the process of grief and healing, it’s necessary to learn joy again. Or learn joy for the first time if that’s been your experience.

Since I’ve been through the pain of heavy loss and grief, I’ve learned to feel joy at a much grander and deeper level but that certainly didn’t happen overnight. It was a process and took months and years for me to cultivate. My hope is that by sharing with you what worked for me you won’t have to spend lots and lots of years learning joy or never learning joy! Instead, you can start to recognize it and cultivate it now even in your grief.

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