Ep #158 All the Emotions

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 158 all the emotions

After the kids died and I was told to feel my feelings, I remember being so frustrated because I didn’t know what that meant. How do we feel our feelings? And frankly, wasn’t I already. I was feeling my feelings all the time, I couldn’t escape them.  And then I thought I wasn’t doing it ‘right’. Ugh!

Because – guess what – there is no ‘right’ way. But as I learned more about my emotions and how my emotions affected my thoughts and how my thoughts affected my emotions things started to make more sense. And I didn’t feel so broken and discouraged.

During grief, we feel ALL the emotions! It’s overwhelming. As we move through grief it’s important to get involved with our emotions and acknowledge them and all the overwhelming emotions. Which is hard! So let’s talk about it. Because if you’re feeling ALL the feelings, you are normal and you’re not alone!

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