Ep #160 Healing through Growth with Angela Clement

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I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing my client, Angela Clement. She is an absolute delight. Despite devastation of losing her husband Blaine to cancer last year, she was determined to move through the pain and find happiness and light again. She is a beautiful example of what’s possible when we apply the principles of healing to our life.   Below I’ve included Angela’s bio and links to reach her.

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Angela Clement:

Former school principal, Angela Clement has had profound experiences with the spiritual world all her life. After an energy healer helped heal her young son of a rare disease, Angela became fascinated with the healing arts. When her husband Blaine was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, Angela began to use healing as a way to help her through the intense emotion. After he passed, she used her own coaches and healers to move through the grief rapidly, while expanding her new journey almost instantly. Thinking her life was over she now understands this is just the beginning. After taking many long energy healing programs and working with renowned celebrity healers, she herself has established her gifts of relieving emotional and physical pain and helping people move beyond grief into an incredible new life, filled with new purpose.

Angela is an energy healer and writer focused on helping people move forward after grief and loss. Her late husband passed away from colon cancer in October 2021. The pain of her loss led her on her own spiritual journey of discovering her true self. Through that journey Angela has found a passion and purpose in life. She shares her story on her Facebook Page “Widowhood and Woo Woo” and blogs her journey for her own healing and also with the intention to build a supportive community for others who find themselves in grief.

Angela is a mom of two wonderful children and soon to be a grandmother. Her husband of 35 years, Blaine, was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in January of 2021. What followed was a lot of change and challenge. Angela took a sudden leave and eventually retired from her position as principal of a K-12 school. She and her husband moved away from what was their home for over 30 years and relocated to a larger center to be closer to a hospital. As Blaine’s health quickly declined, Angela was seeking help and hope. She started to deep dive into the practice of energy healing and also began to study ways of managing the stress and fear that was building in their lives. When Blaine passed away in October, just a day shy of his 55 birthday, Angela was devastated. With the grief clouding her days, Angela searched for messages of hope from other widows. What she found was a lot of very sad and grief ridden stories of people who had lost and could not get past the pain. Disheartened, she continued searching until she found a short article on the internet that gave her a glimpse of hope. It was the story of a widower who had suddenly lost his wife. The story was about how he moved forward after his grief and was able to start a new life of happiness. That spurred her on to reading his book and consequently getting the answers she needed. She was sent the perfect grief coach who helped her gain the confidence and guidance she needed to work through her grief. She also was afforded the assistance of several excellent energy healers to help her walk through the many challenges she needed to face. Angela has studied several modalities of energy healing and is now thrilled to be successfully helping others to heal. She is holding a free online summit entitled Awaken your Soul’s Journey: How to Overcome Grief Through Healing starting June 16 of this year to bring more awareness and hope to those suffering from loss. She is passionate about helping others find their hope and live a life of joy and excitement.


Widowhood and Woo Woo Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Widowhood-and-Woo-Woo-105922165374948

Free Grief Summit: http://healingenergy.world/Host

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