Ep #39 Hierarchy of Needs

Build a Life After Loss podcast Grief hierarchy of needs Julie Cluff

Many people believe that after a devastating loss we must carry our grief within us forever. I don’t believe that we do and here is my response. I’ve had some horrible, grief experiences. My brother’s death by suicide, a divorce, … Read More

Ep #34 Mental Health

Julie Cluff Build a Life After Loss Podcast Mental Health Grief Help

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This week, the last Wednesday of May, we’re going to talk about what mental health is, how our thoughts create our results and how we can train our brains to do the heavy lifting … Read More

Ep #11 Create Vision

After a major loss, like losing a child, it’s not unusual to find that your interests and ambitions have changed. It might  be time to create a new vision for your life because “a to-do list is not a vision.” … Read More

Ep #6 Choose Hope

Truly do your very best to choose hope despite your loss. If we believe that we will always be mourning and that there is no way to move beyond the excruciating pain of loss we won’t look for hope. If … Read More

Ep #4 Love Yourself

I’m pretty sure we all feel certain that we should be kind and loving to others.  It seems right and noble. Why don’t we offer this same level of respect to ourselves? Doesn’t it make sense that if it feels … Read More