Ep #24 The Marathon

In some ways we can compare our loss journey to that of a Marathon runner. The runner gives 100% to the race.  They give their mental, emotional and physical strength, plus all their preparation to race day. We experience our … Read More

Ep #15 Suffering is Optional

“Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.” This quote is often attributed to Buddhist teachings. In today’s episode we’ll explore the grief, pain and suffering that’s associated with loss. The concentration camp prisoner Viktor Frankl famously wrote, “Between stimulus and … Read More

Ep #14 You Aren’t Crazy

My friend Brandi Dayton, whose son died 3 years ago, said, “We need to know we aren’t crazy, what’s normal and that we will one day be ok.” Her comment inspired this episode. It’s natural to feel like you’re crazy … Read More

Ep #13 Processing Grief

As a society we aren’t good at feeling our emotions. We learn to use our intellect but not our emotions. Feeling your feelings is an important element of processing grief. As you’re patient and loving toward yourself you can allow … Read More

Ep #12 You Are Not Alone

Your grief over losing your child may leave you feeling depressed and anxious.  You may also feel isolated and alone. Because of your depression you may find yourself pulling away from people and the support you want. You may feel … Read More

Ep #8 Grief Myths

What do we believe about grief that’s not helpful? We’ll explore some common misconceptions and why we might believe that. Many of our myths about Grief come from things that we learned growing up that don’t serve us. As we … Read More