Ep #143 Natural Limits

julie cluff build a life after losspodcast ep 14 natural limits

We experience natural limits every day. You can’t pour more milk in the bowl than is in the jug of milk. You can’t withdraw more from the bank than you have deposited in the bank. You can’t work more than … Read More

Ep # 142 Emotional Intelligence

julie cluff, build a life after loss podcast ep 142 emotional intelligence

Remember when emotional intelligence was all the rage? Emotional intelligence is defined as “the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage and handle emotions.” But what does that mean? In this episode I’ll break down each step of emotional intelligence piece … Read More

February 2022

February Class: Start Feeling Better Now with Improved Coping Skills  February Handout February Notes Page Replay of Live Coaching Call on February 10th at 10:00 am MT Tapping Exercise begins at 49:30 Replay of Live Coaching Call on February 23rd … Read More

Rebuilding Your Self Confidence After Loss

0:00 Welcome 2:15 Introduction of Julie, her training and what she offers 4:00 What this webinar will teach 4:29 Loss is Painful- Julie’s personal story of loss 8:30 Grief/Loss leaves you feeling shattered 12:04 Boulder of Grief 15:53 Model of … Read More

Grief to Hope to Healing

0:00 Welcome 2:00 Definition of Hope 3:02 Introduction to Julie, her training and what she offers 7:23 Julie’s first realization of grief 8:00 Introduction of Julie’s brother John who she lost to suicide 11:00 Boulder of Grief 12:00 Sudden vs … Read More

Loss. Trauma and Personal Power

0:00 Welcome 0:15 Julie’s personal family trauma 7:25 About Julie and what she offers 9:10 What is Trauma? 14:40 How the Grief Recovery Handbook defines trauma and PTSD 15:44 Identifying your losses and secondary losses 18:20 Challenges of Loss & … Read More

Surviving After Child Loss

0:00 Welcome 0:25 Sensitive Topic/Can be triggering 3:20 Julie’s story about the loss of her two children 9:15 About Julie and what she offers 11:18 Why I’m here 14:08 Boulder of Grief 18:40 Results of living mentally and emotionally in … Read More